OUr Story

Hello and thank you for being interested in our story! First of when I say our and us really, for now, it is me, Lauren Angel. I am a twenty five year old woman originally from Southern Oregon. I am passionate about life and I love to learn, whether it is science, food nature, art, or culturally based, I love it all. In early 2015, I earned a BS in Neuroscience at Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah. Rather than work the days away in a lab through college I spent my days experiencing a new things: true independence, collegiate level competitive snowboarding, the desert, love, loss, debt, skiing, rock climbing, painting, fine food service and management, emersion in nature, new people, big cities, the list goes on. After I earned my degree I felt a lack of passion driving me towards a career in neuroscience that would require more school and more debt. It may have been the loss of my Father and the extreme grief that sucked the life out of me, regardless, I had lost direction and motivation. I spent the following year as a snow-bum in Park City, Utah working in a fine dining farm to table style restaurant. It was here the wheels started to turn again. I began to feel sparks of passion ignite inside me over real food that tasted better and was better for the planet in terms of production. I started to research and learn all I could about the newest sustainable and organic methods of farming and found permaculture, and got really inspired. 

At 18, itching for freedom, I ran away from my home town of Medford, Oregon, vowing never to return. Six years later, following the death of my father and feeling a strong desire to be closer to my family I am back, I returned with the idea that my partner and I would begin farming and slowly but surely build a beautiful life together. Things change and life continuously is rearranging itself. My partner decided this life was not the life for him. We started Angel Farms, that is began amending soil, fighting back blackberries, rerouting irrigation, and purchased an LLC, in April 2016. In August, 2017 I became the sole proprietor, farmer, and preserver at Angel Farms. Each day, week, month, and season in a learning and growing experience. As a first generation farmer it truly is all trial and error but as season pass and food is grown, canned, and preserved, my confidence and tist of rsmall tiumphs continues to grow.

I believe that food production and consumption are in dire need of reformation. Here at Angel Farms I focus on growing food using sustainable, natural, and organic methods based in permaculture and Korean Natural Farming (see our Growing Practices page) always learning from and replicating natural systems, striving to live symbiotically with our environment while providing our family, friends, and community with real food, from organic non-gmo seeds, free from harmful chemicals, ethically grown and sourced with conservation of the planet always taking the highest priority.

Currently, I am growing fruit trees (the start of my food forest), cultivating seasonal crops, raising small breed hogs for meat, and chickens for eggs. I have began to focus more in the last year on creating unique preserves from the crops I harvest. I feel a deep connection to my ancestral roots when I can. Canning gives me a sense of peace, the motions themselves feel meditative and therapeutic in ways. It enables me to service my community, provide them with a local, healthy, and tasty product not just during growing season but  year round. Furthermore preservation has opened up a new pathway to self expression for me, I’ve always been creative and one thing about farming that totally encapsulates me is that its a perfect marriage of science and self expression. Passion ignites in me as I bring in the days harvest, look it over and start to feel the wheels and cogs in my brain turn, what will this bounty become? I craft recipes and test them time and time again until i have created a product that releases a bouquet of volitales on your pallet, a culmination of new and traditional flavors. Just like grandma used to make and simultaneously like nothing you’ve ever had before.  


The English Lavender Farm — Owners, Derek and Sue, have acted as mentors for Lauren, a first generation farmer. Their buds are featured in our preserves, such as the Pear Butter.

Porters, Elements, & Extreme JuiceThese local restaurants provide us with organic food waste for our pigs and chickens. A diversified diet is key to quality meet products.

Elements, Alchemy, Rogue Grape, Truffle Pig Craft KitchenWe supply these local restaurants with products for their unique events and menu specials.